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So Much to Do at Pacific Playgrounds Oceanside Resort

Pacific Playgrounds Oceanside Resort is one of Vancouver Island’s most beloved RV resorts. Take a dip in the pool, play a friendly round of horseshoes, hit the water for some kayaking, or simply relax by the campfire. There’s no wrong decision, so we thought we'd give you a guide to our popular activities.
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Stay-in-Place RV Rentals

RVing Just Got Better at Pacific Playgrounds Oceanside Resort

RVing is a wonderful pastime. For those who love to drive and haul a trailer, even the travel days are part of the fun. For those who dislike long drives, the worry of renting and hauling a trailer, or the hassle of parking and site set-up, Pacific Playgrounds Resort has just the thing: Stay-in-place RVs.
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