We’re Excited to Partner with Tranquil Moments Therapeutics to Offer a Majestic Outdoor Massage Experience!

What if the feeling of tranquility were only steps away? A serene riverside location awaits you, nestled alongside the beautiful Oyster River, where peace meets tranquility. Elevate your stay with a blissful and serene massage experience to help your body and mind unwind. Indulge in a healing touch that has many health benefits! If you want a little R & R and pampering, come escape with us for a tranquil experience for both the body and mind. The majestic setting alone will help transport you to a state of bliss.

Tranquil Moments Therapeutics specializes in Full-Body Relaxation Massages that promote relaxation and revitalization from head to toe! The many health benefits that massage can bring fuels Lisa’s desire to help more clients see a positive change by improving both their physical and mental health.

What is a Full Body Massage?

A full body massage is a very therapeutic treatment that manipulates the soft tissues & relaxes the muscles of your body to help improve your overall well-being. The purpose of a full body massage goes beyond relaxation: it aims to relieve stress and anxiety, decrease muscle tension, improve circulation, promote lymphatic drainage, and so much more, helping to improve your overall wellness.  A relaxation massage experience can be heightened further by creating an ambient atmosphere with a serene location, candles, soothing music, soft lighting, and the scent of essential oils.

Let Tranquil Moments pamper you! After all, everyBODY deserves it!