Spring Break Adventures: Family-Friendly Activities Near Pacific Playgrounds

As the green shoots of spring paint the landscape, Pacific Playgrounds becomes an ideal gateway to explore the wonders of the surrounding region. If you’re planning a family-friendly spring break in early and mid-March, here are some island-worthy activities to consider:

Immerse yourself in the maritime history of the area at the Maritime Heritage Centre in Campbell River. This educational yet entertaining experience for the whole family includes interactive exhibits and engaging displays. Learn more about Maritime Heritage Centre

Take a cultural journey at I-Hos Gallery, where your family can immerse themselves in rich indigenous traditions. Discover authentic indigenous art, jewelry, and crafts, providing a unique and educational experience. Learn more about I-Hos Gallery

A Marine Safari: Presented by Island Life Expeditions: Experience a breathtaking wildlife adventure right from our marina at Pacific Playgrounds! Witness the stunning marine life of March, from the dynamic herring spawn to majestic orcas. Set sail on your adventure.

Experience the beauty of spring blooms at Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park in Comox. Stroll through meticulously maintained gardens and enjoy the serene ambiance of this picturesque location. Learn more about Filberg Heritage Lodge and Park

Connect with nature at Nymph Falls Nature Park, an ideal spot for family walks during your spring break adventure. Explore scenic trails, beautiful waterfalls, and a picturesque setting. Learn more about Nymph Falls Nature Park

Venture into Strathcona Provincial Park, located near Campbell River. March offers a unique opportunity to explore the park as it transitions from winter to spring. Enjoy hiking trails, spot early signs of wildlife awakening, and take in the stunning natural scenery. Strathcona Provincial Park is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts, providing a variety of activities for all skill levels.

Experience the local flavours of the region by visiting the Comox Valley Farmers’ Market. Held regularly in March, the market showcases an array of fresh produce, artisanal goods, and handmade crafts. It’s a fantastic opportunity to support local farmers and artisans while enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Explore the diverse offerings and perhaps find some unique souvenirs to remember your visit.

Embrace the spirit of spring break with these family-friendly activities around Pacific Playgrounds. Whether you’re exploring cultural sites, enjoying wildlife adventures, or immersing yourself in the beauty of spring, the Comox Valley has something for every family member to enjoy. Plan your memorable spring break getaway today!

And when you’re ready to relax and unwind, Pacific Playgrounds provides the perfect retreat. Located conveniently between Comox Valley and Campbell River, this cozy resort offers low season camping and cozy cabins. Immerse yourself in nature’s solitude and enjoy the tranquility of the season.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to experience the wonders of winter in Comox Valley and Campbell River. Book your stay at Pacific Playgrounds and embrace all that Vancouver Island has to offer in March.

Special Offers for Your Spring Break Getaway at Pacific Playgrounds

Looking for a budget-friendly escape for your spring break? Pacific Playgrounds welcomes you with special offers tailored for the low season which includes the entirety of March right up to April 15th.

Relax in the comfort of our cabins, thoughtfully designed for a serene evening after a day of exploring the wonders of Vancouver Island in March. Stay connected with streaming Wi-Fi, ensuring you’re always within reach of modern comforts.

We understand the importance of convenience during your spring break adventure. That’s why Pacific Playgrounds provides onsite amenities, including laundry facilities, so you can easily freshen up for the next day’s explorations. Our friendly staff is here to assist with any needs or questions, ensuring a hassle-free and enjoyable stay throughout your spring break.

Stay Warm and Adventurous: Embrace Vancouver Island’s Vibrant Spring Break Season at Pacific Playgrounds

As Vancouver Island approaches spring, Pacific Playgrounds invites you to step out and explore the array of outdoor activities that will keep you entertained during your spring break.

Conveniently located between Comox Valley and Campbell River, Pacific Playgrounds is your perfect base for embracing all that Vancouver Island has to offer in March.

Embrace the outdoors and indoors – this picturesque region offers a wealth of adventures. With onsite amenities and a prime location, Pacific Playgrounds ensures you’re well-equipped for an unforgettable spring break experience. So, bundle up, and let’s make the most of this spring break in one of the most beautiful corners of British Columbia.