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The Great Blue Heron The Great Blue Heron at Pacific Playgrounds Resort & Marina
Pacific Playgrounds Resort & Marina, in Black Creek, BC Canada, on Vancouver IslandThe Great Blue Heron at Pacific Playgrounds Resort & Marina

Off Season Cottage Rentals

Enjoy a winter wonderland or storm watching

Winter beauty at Pacific Playgrounds Resort & MarinaMother Nature is at her most powerful and spectacular when stormy weather crashes waves ashore, filling the beaches with driftwood, and reminding our guests that that we reside in Super Natural British Columbia!

Winter is a beautiful time of year to book a cottage and enjoy the solitude with long walks in the snow, and a cuddling up with a good book by a warm and toasty fire.

Year-round our indigenous wildlife, eagles, deer, coyote, whale, seals, waterfowl and other critters are active and visible throughout the various seasons.

A paradise for photographers. 

Eagle Watching

Some wonderful things happen here in the spring, fall and winter. Wildlife abounds, and active year-round but nothing is more spectacular than watching eagles fly, feed their young and reap autumn's salmon bounty.

Storm Watching

We love it when the dark and stormy clouds come rolling in fast and furious across the ocean. It's wonderful to watch the power of the ocean waves crashing on the shore. Our cottages are just a step or two from the water's edge. Autumn and winter storms and wild weather bring raindrops pattering on rooftops, and maybe - if you're lucky - a sound and light show with thunder and lightning (but only if you're very lucky).

Cottage Rentals

Our cottages are warm and cozy and built for year-round living. Be sure to book your quiet autumn retreat or winter getaway, you might start a new winter tradition nestled in the trees beside the Oyster River and next door to the ocean. Off-season rates make visiting in the quiet times very gentle on your wallet, too.